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How do I resolve disputes with Amazon?

Blog > How do I resolve disputes with Amazon?

How do I resolve disputes with Amazon?

We had problems because we ordered a new line of stretching accessories from one of our suppliers and the product did not meet Amazon standards. This is the first time this has happened to us, but Amazon has charged us with penalties related to this product line. In addition, we do not understand the different problems that Amazon is presenting to us. Is there a specific process that we have to follow for certain products on Amazon? Are we obliged to pursue these issues with Amazon?
Xavier B., distributor of a brand of sports equipment

Answer from our expert on Amazon

Indeed, a large number of companies have issues supplying Amazon and do not respect Amazon’s processes. They find themselves in a spiral of conflicts and deductions on their payments due to poor delivery management. The eTAIL agency teams help you to be profitable and to avoid any further problems with Amazon by providing personalized support. We also address the issue of reducing logistical penalties. Working with Amazon requires meticulous management and understanding of all penalty cases is imperative, depending on your products: packaging compliance, over-packaging requests, or reasons for refusing delivery.

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