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Discover a few examples of successful developments from those who have trusted us.



Maison Berger Paris: 112% more traffic on Amazon!

The famous house of home perfume gained +112% more traffic on its products on Amazon after receiving support from eTAIL agency. Our experts optimized all of their content and implemented a tailored sales strategy. The result: a 33% increase in the average shopping cart. We explain how we met this challenge.



Bemini: +25% conversion rate!

Bemini distributes products for babies and parents through 800 physical points of sale. Established on Amazon, the brand has undergone an overhaul requiring a resumption of marketing and referencing of content on the web. Development on the European market is becoming necessary. How to strengthen its presence? Our agency rose to the challenge.



Logicom: +30% traffic and 12% ad performance!

For Logicom, the online sale of its technological objects deserves to be optimized. Distributing its range of products through a network of partners, this client also has a presence on Amazon. Achieving better visibility for Logicom, that was our mission. By multiplying the number of visits to the catalog, we significantly increased the conversion rate.



Marilou Bio: a tripled total revenue!

Marilou Bio is a range of organic products available on several distribution channels. Present online, this brand wishes to rely on all its sales supports to develop its turnover and improve its notoriety. Our agency was thus able to set up a transversal and powerful sales system!



The House of Domitille and the Chinese platforms

La Maison de Domitille distributes its line of household linen on the market in China. In physical stores and on marketplaces in this country, sales are made through different means. To strengthen sales on Chinese platforms, we have opted for several promotional and optimization strategies. Objective achieved for the customer!

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