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Amazon Ads: we manage your Acquisition campaigns

An expert team on Amazon Ads will manage your marketing campaigns to maximize your sales and customer acquisition strategy. In close collaboration with your sales team, our experts will define an action plan for your best-selling products by exploiting all the formats and tools offered by Amazon Ads.

Ads optimizations are consistently done according to collected data and performance. We support you over the long-term and adjust our strategy according to your product performance.

Create a virtuous circle by activating campaigns on Amazon for your products in real-time: Sponsored Products or Sponsored Brands!

Why run an advertising campaign on Amazon US and EU?

Creating a unique and lasting relationship with the customers
Reaching relevant audiences at the right time through precise targeting
Obtaining incomparable results by coupling Amazon’s algorithm power with the relevance of our expertise and tracking.
Reach Amazon Exclusive Audiences
who are with real intent to buy, in order to reach your customers and prospects on and off Amazon.
Access unique, high-quality inventory
Reach your audiences on Amazon-owned sites and apps, such as IMDb, and on major publisher sites.
Appear in environments that are safe

for your brand! Manual and automated checks of the sites where your ads appear are performed in real-time, to meet the quality and safety standards of your marketplace.

Build a strategy based on real analytics
We provide audience insights and performance reports before and after your campaigns to help you understand the key results.
Pushs, encarts et bannières
Web Display ad formats for Mobile and Desktop to display visually appealing ads on Amazon and to other sites on the web.
Mobile Banner Ads

To target mobile device users in high-quality third-party applications on Android devices, Fire tablets, and iOS platforms.

Mobile Interstitial Ads
To display full-screen interstitial ads on apps, instead of or in addition to banners.
Video Ads
To deliver in-stream or out-of-stream video ads longer than 5 seconds in MP4, WebM, or FLV format.

Increase brand visibility by adding your logo and custom title to ads that appear in search results

Grow your business by reaching relevant audiences on Amazon using this new advertising solution.

New to advertising with Amazon?

Get started now with our self-service solutions.
Improve the visibility of your products
Increase brand visibility
Reach relevant audiences


Ensure the loyalty of your customers

Guaranteed return on investment

La publicité et le contenu sont les ingrédients indispensables de toute stratégie Amazon réussie ; c’est ainsi que vous générez du trafic et convertissez vos clients.

From PPC campaign to display advertising display, we develop and execute comprehensive strategies to effectively boost your sales. On average at eTAIL agency, for each euro invested, we save € 6 in sales!

Launch your campaigns with Amazon Ads

You pay on a cost-per-click (CPC or PPC for pay per click) basis: you only pay when a user has interacted with your product ad.

Similar to Google Ads and Google Shopping, these ads are based on a bidding system. You can control your marketing budget by defining the maximum amount you are willing to spend per 1 click.

Sponsored Product Ads of Amazon are one of the most popular ads because they offer fast and good results, even with a moderate daily budget.

You can target by keyword, by product, or via Amazon’s AI algorithm, which is called automatic targeting. Based on machine learning, this solution often outperforms the manual method and its learning process allows you to continuously optimize your results.

In order to maximize your profits, our team helps you with Amazon Ads to select high-potential ASINs and to determine the most relevant audiences and ads for your brand and products. This allows you to launch a campaign with a high ROAS target and generate revenue that can be reinvested in other ads campaigns.

The main goal of these ads is to increase your sales. The more you advertise, the higher return on your advertising investment you get! Our expert team on Amazon Ads analyze collected data to continuously improve and refine targeting to maximize your sales and ROI.

This is also a CPC campaign format. You establish a maximum bid that you are willing to pay per click to your Store on Amazon.

Primarily used to build brand awareness, the ad will consist of your logo, a headline, and product images. It will be displayed at the top, side, or within the search results pages.

To implement a brand awareness strategy and give your brand the visibility it deserves, you must be registered with Amazon and have a Store since its URL ( will be used to redirect Sponsored Brands campaigns.

Sponsored Display campaigns allow you to display your ads to relevant audiences who are searching for products on Amazon US and EU.

Just like Google Display, Amazon has a partner network of third party websites and apps where your ads can be displayed based on keyword searches or users behavior.

This type of campaign is particularly attractive to merchants with a long sales cycle, because you can display your ad message to users who have browsed your products but have not yet made a purchase. These are called remarketing campaigns.

The Display format can also be used to develop brand awareness by choosing the target product category.

Billing is also done on a cost per click (CPC) basis and, as with the other formats offered by the marketplace, you must define a bid.

Our consultants will provide you with advice on how to use this format. It is best suited to advertisers who have already implemented other formats for Amazon Ads and are looking for additional ways to increase their visibility and performance.

Dynamic Bidding on Amazon Ads

When we want to set up a paid search strategy on the marketplace, we will often use advertising campaign formats that are invoiced on a CPC basis.

In order to keep control of your marketing budget, you have the possibility to define, within the platform, the maximum bid that you do not want to exceed per click. This amount will influence the visibility of your product and the position of your ad in the results pages. The bid should not be too low, as this would affect the visibility of your ad, and not too high, in order for you to maintain a viable profitability threshold.

The platform has a tool called bid range or suggested bid to estimate the appropriate acceptable bid amount. This is a recommendation based on the analysis of competing advertisers’ ads for a given product category.

This is called dynamic bidding. On Google, this is called smart bidding strategy. The algorithm automatically adjusts the amount set as a fixed bid on the platform upwards or downwards according to the potential conversion detected. These automatic adjustments are a great way to optimize your ad’s position to users that will most likely buy your products.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have a firm grasp of bidding strategies, our agency can take care of managing your campaigns for Amazon Ads.

Our strategies adapt to your advertising objectives


To go further with solutions of Amazon Ads 

Once your seller account has acquired a good level of experience in terms of advertising, our agency will give you the key elements to get even more results.

Using Amazon’s DSP

The DSP of Amazon allows you to buy audio, video, and display ads programmatically. Targeting is achieved by combining different data sources and purchases are automated.

Our expert team on Amazon Ads provides provides the services you need to take advantage of the full potential of this tool and determine the best possible strategy in accordance with you.

Thanks to our expertise in programmatic buying and our data-driven approach, we identify the key products that will offer the best ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale, a KPI equivalent to ROAS for Google).

Benefits of DSP

Access exclusive audiences on Amazon that have real buying intentions, to reach your current and potential consumers on and off Amazon. 

Access unique, high-quality inventory

Reach your audiences on websites owned by Amazon and apps, such as IMDb, and on major publisher websites.

Show up in safe environments 

for your brand! Manual and automated checks of the websites where your ads appear are performed in real-time, to meet the quality and safety standards of your marketplace.

Build a strategy based on real analytics

We provide audience insights and performance reports before and after your campaigns to help you understand the key results.

Pushes, Inserts, and Banners

Web Display ad formats for Mobile and Desktop to display visually appealing ads on Amazon and to other websites on the web.

Mobile Banner Ads

To target mobile device users in high-quality third-party apps on Android devices, Fire tablets, and iOS platforms.

Mobile Interstitial Ads

To display full-screen interstitial ads on apps, instead of or in addition to banners.

Video Ads

To deliver in-stream or out-of-stream video ads longer than 5 seconds in MP4, WebM, or FLV format.

Events of Amazon

  • Prime Day
  • Black Friday
  • French Days

Regular commercial events

  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s / Father’s Day
  • Summer / winter sales

Optimize the referencing of products on Amazon

List your products properly on Amazon

eTAIL helps you give your products more visibility on Amazon to increase your conversion rate.

We analyze and optimize all of your content so that the platform’s algorithm ranks it better in its search results.

Our SEO experts tailor your product pages to strict Amazon requirements, including from a visual standpoint.

Stand out with enriched content

Mastering the page enrichment tools provided by Amazon means standing out from the competition, while developing your brand image. The A + Page improves the user experience by making more in-depth information available to them, such as your different product lines, for example. eTAIL intends to set up the Page A + module and highlight your brand universe, while ensuring that it is as close as possible to the expectations of your future customers.

Create a successful BrandStore

The Store on Amazon is your brand’s showcase. Like a merchant site embedded on the platform, it gives direct access to all of your product ranges, allowing you to develop your brand universe and promote your offers on Amazon.

eTAIL supports you in all stages of the creation of your Store. We work together to create content, animate your store by organizing a marketing calendar and ensure product updates.

Control your sales and turnover on Amazon

Sometimes the great freedom to sell on Amazon becomes problematic. Other accounts offer your products on the marketplace while you are working with Amazon Retail? Are you entering the Amazon marketplace and your brand resellers are competing with you? Do not panic ! ETAIL’s expertise makes every effort to increase your Buy Box rate and therefore your turnover.

Selling on Amazon Safely

Protect your brand on Amazon

We protect your brand on Amazon with ABR (Amazon Brand Registry). To register with the Amazon Trademark Registry (ABR) you must have a trademark, that is, have registered your trademark in the country where you sell your products. This essential process to protect you from counterfeits is however very long (from 2 to 9 months as in the United States, for example). We support you as soon as your label is registered on the ABR platform in order to protect you as much as possible from attempts to usurp your commercial identity.

Control your distribution strategy on Amazon

The free movement of goods requires a certain mastery of your resellers. Unless you have a selective distribution agreement, a protected trademark (like Apple), or a license applicable in a specific territory, you cannot prohibit resale on Amazon. However, we can help you better control your distribution strategy and minimize the dilution of your sales on Amazon by adopting a few simple and effective practices!

Fight against fraud on Amazon

Once your brand is registered with the Amazon Brand Registery (ABR), we take care of scanning each product in your catalog to identify any fraudulent practices against you (theft of photos, plagiarism of product pages, counterfeit products, non-compliant packaging, etc.).

We then handle problematic cases directly with Amazon. If your brand is not registered with ABR, we have solutions to help you set up an anti-piracy process.

Prevent counterfeiting of its products

To go further than the regular reporting of fraud in ABR, there is a specific (paid) program at Amazon dedicated to brands called Brand Transparency (BT).

The latter aims to identify products as soon as they are produced by specific labeling provided by Amazon. Thus, their authenticity is guaranteed in all the distribution networks available to the platform.

Our know-how in this area will allow you to deploy this program quickly for maximum protection of your products.

The 3 pillars of our service for Amazon Advertising 

We offer you a reliable method, approved by our customers:


Data Lake & Boost

Refining your targeting and boosting your sales while keeping costs down.


Reporting & Next Steps

Specific Advertising reporting on a regular basis to adjust advice and strategy.



Strategies funded by the ROI of previous operations.


Our expert’s opinion on activation for Amazon

If no one can find you on Amazon, no one will buy your products. The key to being seen on Amazon is to be at the top of the search results. The eTAIL agency's ROI-driven advertising strategy allows you to do just that.

Search results of Amazon is showing more and more sponsored products, Amazon's brands, and recommended products, instead of organic results. For many searches, there are only 2 organic results on the entire screen above the scroll. This means that you are more and more obliged to use advertising to bring your products up.

Everything you need to know about Amazon

Discover all the key points about selling on Amazon.

ACOS = Advertising Cost of Sale, a performance indicator that allows you to calculate the amount of advertising cost to get sales.

A simple formula: ACoS = Total advertising cost / Generated sales.

Yes and no. Amazon Ads are not mandatory, but they do contribute to your success.

Did you know, for example, that 75% of people searching for products don’t go beyond the first results page? And it gets even worse, because one in four consumers even buy the first product that appears on the search page.

If you’re not on the first search results page, you’re much less likely to make a sale. And if you can’t get there organically, then advertising might be the only alternative.

As soon as your organic content is optimized, i.e., if your product pages are properly filled and referenced, if your A+ pages are set up, etc., then you should start advertising on Amazon. At eTAIL Agency, we’ll help you find the best fit between organic content and advertising.

Amazon’s DSP allows you to reach your customers and prospects on and off Amazon, using its highly engaged audience power.

Learn more about it in our webinar ➔

They are all effective, but their impact depends on timing and your goals. eTAIL agency can help you define your ad format, targeting and timing, depending on where the customer is in his or her decision-making process: discovery – consideration – decision or loyalty.

  1. Discovery: audience that is not yet engaged; show them your best products
  2. Consideration: audience that is interested in your products; show them the products they want to see
  3. Decision: audience that has seen your products but hasn’t bought them; show the right product to the right person
  4. Loyalty: don’t let your customer go; show him or her complementary products

Your eTAIL agency benefits

  • SEA strategy management
  • Test&learn ROI-oriented advertising budget management
  • ACOS (average cost of sale) and campaign optimization

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Why sell on Amazon? Some figures

0 %
is the average ACoS obtained by eTAIL agency
(for 1.000€ invested, more than 8.000€ of sales)
0 %
advertising market share for Amazon US
(source: eMarketer, 2021)

(i.e. $9,850,000,000)

Outperform the competition!

We are proud to offer the best service to our clients to design, test, and optimize ads campaigns with maximum return on investment.