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We assist you in diversifying your distribution channels

Our agency helps you fully exploit the potential of a multi-marketplace distribution strategy while offering you custom solutions to simplify the management of your product flows and catalogs.

Choosing marketplaces and distribution model

You have a business development project and are looking for a suitable solution to increase your online sales without needing to create your own website.

Distributing your catalog through a feed manager like Channable or Shoppingfeed seems to be a suitable solution to increase your turnover, but do you know which are the best marketplaces to sell your products?

While some mainstream websites like Cdiscount, Rakuten, Ebay, and, of course, Amazon seem to be key sales channels, there are other, more specialized marketplaces that can reach more effectively your main target audience. Fnac is positioned on electronics as well as computers, while Darty on appliances and PEM. La Redoute is specialized in fashion and housewares and ManoMano with DIY, home and gardening.

Finding the right sales channels for your product range is an essential step, but you should also think about your logistical choices, as your shipping policy is one of the key elements of your e-commerce profitability.

Some players such as Amazon and its FBA program and CDiscount with C-Logistic can take care of all your logistics, this would be a strategic choice if you are historically a BtoB vendor who knows how to deliver pallets, but not how to deliver to individuals.

Without anticipating the issues of storage, transport, delivery, and commission rates, your commercial development project on the web is likely to fail, yet the market is there!

Trust our experts to guide you through the right approach to launch your business successfully on multiple sales platforms. We will work with you to develop a tailor-made action plan:

  • in line with the size and organization of your business structure
  • consistent with your product vertical
  • adapted to your price and marketing positioning
Management of your marketplace catalogs

Selling on multiple marketplaces requires access to specific tools whose features meet the sellers’ needs:

  • Inventory management
  • Order synchronisation
  • Creation of automatic rules
  • Attribute mapping
  • Repricing and dynamic pricing
  • SEO optimization

Our agency will help you choose and set up the tools needed to manage your e-commerce activity.

Optimisation of your product sheets

To reach your potential customers, the referencing of your product sheets in the results pages of marketplaces is crucial.

Although you do not sell your products on a website developed with Prestashop or Magento, the SEO optimization of your catalog is an element that you must take into account to succeed in gaining more traffic and increasing the number of orders.

Our Marketplace experts will advise you on the choice of keywords to use in your titles, descriptions, or in the labeling of your images in order to promote your offers’ natural referencing. Other indicators specific to each marketplace are also taken into account for the results ranking, such as the number of reviews and ratings.

Our services allow you to benefit from our expertise to quickly identify where you need to improve things in order to reach more people and improve your revenue.

We help you with the operational implementation of all SEO optimizations.

Project setup and seller account creation

Our agency offers tailor-made services that include setting up your accounts on each platform. You don’t have to worry about anything else and you can concentrate on tracking and shipping your orders.

An account manager will be in charge of managing and monitoring your activities. He or she will provide you with advice and solutions throughout our collaboration in order to assist you with your business development.

Reporting and measurement tools

Our marketplace experts create monitoring dashboards that allow you to follow the progress of your activities for each marketplace from one place.

The creation of these monitoring dashboards is essential to measure the effectiveness of our actions and to monitor the key KPIs:

  • performance by brand
  • volume of transactions and turnover by SKU
  • evolution of sales prices (dynamic pricing monitoring)
  • commercial results of the different sectors

Thanks to his expertise, your account manager will analyze the data collected to provide your teams with recommendations and solutions to improve your results and performance.

Il existe différents types d’opérations sur Amazon qui vont vous permettre de booster vos ventes et/ou de gagner une buy box. eTAIL agency vous aide sur les différentes opportunités à saisir :

  • La Vente Flash est une promotion sur un produit, limitée dans le temps (quelques heures) avec un taux de remise supérieur à 20%. Cette opération apporte à votre marque une mise en avant intéressante à partir de la page Offres du jour.
  • L’évènement annuel Prime Day est réservé uniquement aux membres Amazon Prime. Pendant 2 jours, les client ont accès à une multitudes de ventes flash.
  • Le Black Friday est l’événement commercial le plus important d’Amazon : des réductions et promotions exceptionnelles sur une journée chaque année (le quatrième jeudi du mois de novembre).

Which marketplace should you use to sell in France and Europe?

If it seems inconceivable today to miss out on the opportunity to sell on marketplaces, it is important to choose the platforms that will have a positive impact on your turnover. Here is an overview of the marketplaces that matter the most.

Cdiscount is the leading French e-tailer and a generalist platform with more than 10 million active customers and more than 23 million unique users per month. On this marketplace, sellers can offer their products to private customers but also to professional customers with Cdiscount Pro.

Manomano is certainly the best-known e-commerce website in the field of DIY, home and garden, online. Founded in 2012, it had a turnover of €620 million in 2019 with 4 million references.

Rakuten – Known until February 2018 as Priceminister, is bringing in new energy and diversification to become a mainstream platform that sells both new and second-hand goods. Its main role is to put sellers and buyers in contact with each other.

La Redoute – A historic player in-home shopping, La Redoute is expanding its preferred themes (fashion and decoration) by adding watches, jewelry, bicycles, etc. Marketplace by La Redoute has a total of 9 million unique visitors per month.

No. 4 in France, Fnac Darty benefits from the two well-known names associated in the fields of household appliances and electronic products. The platform stands out with the advantage of being able to sell on an international level.

BackMarket Exclusively dedicated to reconditioned electronic products only sells products that are guaranteed, fully checked, and reconditioned by professional repair experts. is the number 1 marketplace in the Benelux. Based in the Netherlands, it is the market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium. It has a strong presence in terms of consumer electronics sales and has an extensive click and collect network.

Channable – By implementing a feed aggregator, you can quickly distribute your offers by exporting your product databases to price comparison sites and marketplaces, and even optimize your media campaigns.

Shopping Feed is one of the main feed aggregators in France, present in 40 countries and more than 1000 marketplaces channels, including the largest ones (Amazon, Veepee) and on all the main vertical markets.

Do you wish to exclusively focus on Amazon to sell your products in France and throughout Europe? Discover our support services dedicated to this E-commerce giant!

Ready to seize the opportunities offered by E-commerce?

Take advantage of an essential audience hub

to increase your visibility and reach new customers.

Increase your sales volume

thanks to our expertise on marketplaces and develop an action plan that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Follow our advice

to choose the right merchant websites for your business. Our experienced and fast-paced team will help you manage your account on a daily basis.

Attract new prospects

by exposing your offer to new customers.

Faites confiance à nos experts

pour vous guider dans la bonne stratégie à adopter pour votre lancement sur les marketplaces. Des marketplaces, il en existe des généralistes mais aussi des spécialistes.

Ajustez votre stratégie

en fonction de votre positionnement, de votre vertical produit, mais aussi en fonction de la cible que vous souhaitez atteindre.

Tirez parti de la puissance

de la distribution en marketplaces pour capter de nouveaux clients en France et à l’international.

Valorisez votre marque et vos produits

en intégrant le cercle prestigieux des marques à fort potentiel et gagnez en visibilité en suivant les conseils marketing de nos spécialistes.

Optimisez votre présence

en fonction de la marketplace sur laquelle vous distribuez vos produits, la présence ou non de vos principaux concurrents.

Bénéficiez des campagnes de visibilité

pour attirer l’attention de nouveaux clients, et que vos produits soient mis en avant.

Opinion of our Marketplaces expert


Working with multiple retailers requires the implementation of an adapted methodology. Companies often choose to distribute their offer through a large number of platforms, but for this to work, it is not enough to be present where there is traffic, in fact, it is more important to be present where your audience is.

We recommend an approach based on the identification of target audiences, with a distribution system based on product type and sector of activity. The risk of opening up too many channels is to enter into a low price scheme and lose the customer.

Pack Marketplaces

eTAIL agency support, how does it work?

  • Customized multi-marketplace strategy
  • Support in choosing your logistical options
  • Setting up and managing your accounts
  • Content creation and optimization
  • Reporting and analysis of your data to boost performance

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All about marketplaces

We clarify all the key points about selling on marketplaces.

The fundamental difference between Amazon and other marketplaces is the environment that Amazon will provide to showcase your offer and all the complexity of management that it requires.

Amazon is the most efficient mainstream marketplace, but it offers a highlighting option that is currently unique in Europe. Some marketplaces such as, leader in the Benelux, are beginning to gain ground on Amazon by offering “branding” solutions.

A feed manager or feed aggregator is a tool that assists retailers and brands in the process of exporting their product databases to price comparison systems, marketplaces, and even in optimizing their media campaigns.

Shopping Feed is one of the leading feed aggregators with a presence in 40 countries and over 1000 marketplaces channels including the largest and all major market verticals.

It allows you to quickly distribute your offers by easily exporting your databases to comparison services and marketplaces, and even optimize your media campaigns.

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of online sales will be made on marketplaces by 2021
billion euros in turnover in 2021 for BtoC e-commerce

Ready to enter the world of marketplaces?

Our online sales experts have a perfect understanding of the specific features of each marketplace. Trust us to find the best opportunities for you to sell your products.

We offer you a selection of the most renowned marketplaces

We have selected the best marketplaces so that your sales take off quickly. General marketplaces like Cdiscount , to more specialized ones like or Back Market , our team takes care of everything: opening, setting up the account – creation, optimization, management of your sales pages – automation of orders, synchronization of your stocks , etc. Seize these great opportunities to generate revenue in a short time. eTAIL agency is at your side to find the best strategy for you.