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Consultants by your side to help you succeed on Amazon

eTAIL agency is a specialist agency in Amazon that, together with its consultants, guides you to avoid potential pitfalls, that simplifies your processes, that manages your daily operations and your relationship with Amazon. Exploiting the vast market of Amazon to its full potential cannot be improvised, and the health of your account is essential to successfully generating sales and optimizing its profitability.

The role of our consulting agency is to provide you with the support you need to manage your activities on the platform and to make the most out of your Amazon’s Seller or Vendor Central accounts. We organize our offer around 3 main points:

  • Simplifying your exchanges and your relationship with Amazon
  • Simplifying the daily operational management and the order tracking
  • Guiding you through the various steps and elements of your marketing and promotional strategy
Amazon and You, simplify your exchanges with the Marketplace

When you become a third-party seller on Amazon by creating a Seller Central account, or when you become a supplier by selling your products in wholesale directly to Amazon – the exchanges with the platform are numerous, time-consuming and not always easily understood by the merchants, nor processed internally.

Thanks to our expertise in Amazon, we can help you simplify the exchanges between you and the platform.

Here is an overview of the advantages of working with our agency specialized in sales strategy for Amazon:

  • Support in resolving disputes and penalties (e.g. unlocking a seller account)
  • Sales follow-up, continuous iteration to improve your performance
  • Submission of applications to be accepted into the Vendor Central Program or themed Stores (Launchpad, French Companies, Amazon Business, etc.)
  • Registering with the Amazon’s Brand Registry
  • Implementation and management of campaigns for Amazon Ads

We support you from start to finish with a full-service offer.

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Seller responsiveness on Amazon, an indicator of success

When starting out on Amazon, you might legitimately think that once your product catalog is online, orders will come in and that all you have to do to make your business work is ship your products.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy! Amazon has strict rules about customer relationship, delivery times, and complaints management. The performance of third-party vendors on Seller Central and vendors on Vendor Central are monitored by algorithms that trigger notifications if any anomaly is detected.

Poor or slow handling of these notifications can be devastating to your business, and can even result in the suspension of your vendor account. We know from experience that even the slightest inattention to a dispute or an unanswered customer question can have a negative impact on your seller’s account.

Achieving and meeting your seller performance goals

Becoming a seller on Amazon’s marketplace means agreeing to respect a certain level of quality in terms of service and customer relationship. The seller’s obligations are even measured through KPIs. Here are the main ones:

  • Faulty order rate

  • Cancellation rate

  • Valid follow-up rate

  • Late shipment rate

  • On-time delivery rate

Customer review management

While customer reviews have become increasingly popular on all search engines such as Google, TripAdvisor, or Booking, Amazon is still the forerunner in this field. Therefore, the way you manage customer reviews is a key factor in determining your seller score, as it directly affects the visibility of your product listings in Amazon’s marketplace search results.

Sales and Marketing Strategy on Amazon

There are different types of operations on Amazon that will allow you to boost your sales and/or earn a Buy Box or the Amazon Choice label, which can help you improve your conversion rate and your business revenue.

With a customized sales plan, we will identify business opportunities that will help you maximize your orders amount.

Our agency will work with you to take advantage of all the analytics, marketing, and promotional tools available to sellers.

Flash Sales

A Flash Sale is a promotion on a product, limited in time. A promotional price is available for a few days or a few hours. With a discount rate of over 20%. This operation provides your brand with an interesting showcase from the Offers of the Day page.

Prime Day

The annual Prime Day event is only available to Amazon Prime Members. Customers have access to multiple promotions, flash sales, and bargains in a very limited time frame.

Traffic on the platform is even higher than usual and conversion rates are boosted, thanks to a stress marketing mechanism specific to time-limited promotions.

Black Friday

This is Amazon’s most important commercial event: it represents one day of exceptional discounts and promotions every year. Black Friday takes place on the last Thursday of November.

Imported from the United States, this event has also been a growing success in Europe for several years. Merchants are achieving record sales.

For each marketing event, Amazon launches specific communication tools. We help you make the most of it! Our goal is to help you take advantage of a large audience looking for promotions on the web while advising you on the marketing strategy that will allow you to be both competitive and profitable.

Il existe différents types d’opérations sur Amazon qui vont vous permettre de booster vos ventes et/ou de gagner une buy box. eTAIL agency vous aide sur les différentes opportunités à saisir :

  • La Vente Flash est une promotion sur un produit, limitée dans le temps (quelques heures) avec un taux de remise supérieur à 20%. Cette opération apporte à votre marque une mise en avant intéressante à partir de la page Offres du jour.
  • L’évènement annuel Prime Day est réservé uniquement aux membres Amazon Prime. Pendant 2 jours, les client ont accès à une multitudes de ventes flash.
  • Le Black Friday est l’événement commercial le plus important d’Amazon : des réductions et promotions exceptionnelles sur une journée chaque année (le quatrième jeudi du mois de novembre).


The 3 performance factors for success on Amazon

To make the most of this global market, we offer you customized and optimized support, right from the start until you achieve success!


Amazon & You

Facilitate your relationship with Amazon for a simplified daily life!


Support on Amazon

Provide tailored support on a daily basis: track your orders and manage your customer service.


Operations on Amazon

Track and help you manage your disputes and penalties effectively.

All you need to know about Amazon

Discover all the key points about selling on Amazon.

Promotion is a type of operation on Amazon that allows you to gain more visibility and brand awareness among certain customers and above all, it is a business opportunity for brands. There are different types of operations, such as Black Friday – which is the most important day on Amazon in terms of sales. During this event, brands offer certain products at a very low price, driven by a considerable amount of traffic from customers, whether or not they are they are subscribers of Amazon.

  • You are likely to have a penalty for non-compliance with packaging (Prep instruction)
  • In case you have fragile products, Amazon requires over-packaging
  • A non-compliance for paper invoices
  • A penalty for refused delivery
  • A penalty for late delivery

There are also disputes related to your “deliveries” and “product returns”. At eTAIL agency, we help you become more competent in handling your penalties as well as disputes.

eTAIL agency supports your development on Amazon

Amazon offers you the opportunity to sell your products all over the world. To make the most of this borderless market, you have to know how to guard against any difficulties by adopting the right distribution strategy as soon as possible. eTAIL agency offers you adapted and optimized support, from your first steps to success!

Start as an Amazon seller and manage your business internationally

Have you decided to get started on Amazon? eTAIL agency accompanies you from the first steps which can sometimes make you dizzy! Let us take care of opening your Vendor Central and / or Seller Central account and setting it up so that your project starts optimally. You will benefit from our daily support from the first orders, the first shipments and the first invoices to immediately adopt the best practices that will propel you faster to success! eTAIL agency is also responsible for managing existing accounts, cleaning them up and making them more efficient thanks to our expert practices. You will just have to concentrate on your core business. Ouvrir dans Google Traduction • Commentaires Google Traduction

Seize the opportunities that Amazon offers with its ad hoc sales operations

There are different types of operations on Amazon that help you accelerate your sales or win a Buy Box, which guarantees a tenfold turnover. Flash sales, Prime Day, Black Friday, Born to Run, etc. are all opportunities to get noticed on the platform. However, they all present different participation criteria that eTAIL agency masters perfectly. In collaboration with your marketing teams, we will orchestrate your participation in these events. We work on the selection of products, analyze their visibility and advise you on the pricing strategy.

Manage customer reviews for a valued brand image

Customer reviews on Amazon are the highlight of your Brand Survey and a crucial factor in lead-to-customer conversion. Thanks to our loyalty campaigns, we can help you get more customer reviews. On Seller Central, we take care of sending a personalized message to consumers of your products after each purchase to thank them and solicit their opinion on their purchase. We also take care of your image by responding to requests for ever more responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

Guard against possible difficulties with Amazon regulations

Amazon is a demanding platform with very strict rules. It happens that certain clumsiness (often on the part of the seller) lead to the account being blocked, which brutally slows down sales performance. Whether you are in Vendor Central or Seller Central , several situations bring their share of inconveniences such as disputes with Amazon or penalties. eTAIL agency is responsible for analyzing and helping you to resolve the blocking points to relaunch your business as quickly as possible on the platform.

List your products for sale on Amazon

eTAIL agency helps you to give more visibility to your products on Amazon to increase your conversion rate. We analyze and optimize all of your content so that the platform’s algorithm ranks it better in its search results. Our SEO experts tailor your product pages to strict Amazon requirements, including from a visual standpoint. It is these essential steps that will allow your products to stand out from the mass of offers that are drowning between them on the platform.

Se démarquer avec des contenus enrichis et percutants

Mastering the page enrichment tools provided by Amazon means standing out from the competition, while developing your brand image. The Page A + improves the user experience by providing them with more in-depth information, such as your different product lines, for example. eTAIL agency proposes to set up the Page A + module and to highlight your brand universe, while ensuring to be as close as possible to the expectations of your future customers.

Create a successful BrandStore that appeals to customers

The Store on Amazon is your storefront. Like a merchant site embedded on the platform, it gives direct access to all of your product ranges, allowing you to develop your brand universe and promote your offers on Amazon. eTAIL agency supports you in all stages of the creation of your Store . We work together to create content, animate your store by organizing a marketing calendar and ensure product updates.

Control your sales and turnover on Amazon

Sometimes the great freedom to sell on Amazon becomes problematic, especially when its cogs escape us. Other accounts offer your products on the marketplace while you are working with Amazon Retail? Are you entering the Amazon marketplace and your brand resellers immediately competing with you? Do not panic ! The expertise of eTAIL agency makes every effort to increase your Buy Box rate and therefore, your turnover. Customers will be referred to give you their preference.

Protéger sa marque sur Amazon contre l’usurpation d’identité commerciale

We protect your brand on Amazon with ABR ( Amazon Brand Registry ). To register with the Amazon Brand Registry (ABR) you must have an trademark , i.e. having registered your trademark in the country where you sell your products.

Control your distribution strategy on Amazon

The free movement of goods requires a certain mastery of your resellers, especially as they can be numerous and scattered all over the world. Unless you have a selective distribution agreement, a protected trademark (like Apple), or a license applicable in a specific territory, you cannot prohibit resale on Amazon. However, we can help you better control your distribution strategy and minimize the dilution of your sales on Amazon by adopting a few simple and effective practices!

Fighting piracy and fraud on Amazon

Once your brand is registered with the Amazon Brand Registery (ABR) , we take care of scanning each product in your catalog to identify any fraudulent practices against you (theft of photos, plagiarism of product pages, counterfeit products, non-compliant packaging, etc.). We then manage problematic cases directly with Amazon to regularize your situation and limit the impact on your account. If your brand is not registered with ABR, we have solutions to help you set up an anti-piracy process.

Prevent counterfeiting of its products

To go further than the regular reporting of fraud in ABR, there is at Amazon a specific program (paid) dedicated to brands called Brand Transparency (BT). The latter aims to identify products as soon as they are produced by specific labeling provided by Amazon. Thus, their authenticity is guaranteed in all the distribution networks available to the platform. Our know-how in this area will allow you to deploy this program quickly for maximum protection of your products.


Opinion of our expert in operations for Amazon


6 out of 10 brands stop working with Amazon because they have not been able to cope with the numerous demands of the Vendor Central platform. Sometimes, companies end up with a blocked account without an explanation, even on Seller Central. This can lead to a sense of deep frustration for brands/distributors, and it makes them give up.
Success on Amazon is above all about setting up a viable organization that will enable you to address the many challenges of the platform in terms of sales, operations, and marketing.


The benefits you’ll enjoy with the eTAIL agency package

Service of Amazon & You

  • Monitoring your relationship with Amazon
  • Following-up of operations to be entered and anticipated

Support Service

  • Online customer service monitoring
  • Customized operational support for your account: logistics

Operational Service

  • Strategic support and commercial animation
  • Customized follow-up and operational support for your account: returns and disputes


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Why sell on Amazon? Some figures

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