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Are you looking for a solid and reliable solution to increase your customers’ online sales? For more than 10 years, our team of experts has been helping brands to develop on marketplaces worldwide.

Outsource a new service to generate more revenue

Outsource a new service to generate more revenue
How can you help your clients to succeed on a marketplace like Amazon? Whether you are an agency, a feed aggregator or a marketplace, you know the difficulties of e-commerce. Discover our offer! Conquer new markets, including China! For your communication actions or the launch of brands in major markets, we provide services that generate real results.

We work together with you to develop tailor-made solutions. Choose a partnership with a high return on investment and stay focused on your core business.

Did you know that our talents are well versed in dealing with global sales platforms? They have evolved over the last few years in the context of the rise of Amazon to power. Our team has also analyzed new e-commerce marketplaces to create successful business models in record time.

Tailor-made solutions for more customer satisfaction

Your customers expect effective sales strategies to develop their online business with you. We work in partnership with a large number of agencies. To achieve this, we use processes that can be learned quickly thanks to optimized learning methods. Moreover, we work to ensure that your contacts become operational and independent as quickly as possible. We aim to be efficient and promote the setting of scalable businesses.

Whether on Amazon or on marketplaces around the world, we help each entity to sell products or services through the best distribution channels. By operating as a white label, your customers benefit from an ecosystem built around a high-potential commercial identity. Do you prefer a global intervention from us while keeping your margin on the provided service? Then take advantage of our revenue sharing program exclusive for our partner agencies!

Performance optimization and analysis

During a launch, we help you to stand out from the crowd to highlight your products! For example, we support product feed aggregators with our MAAS (Marketing As A Service) approach adapted to each sales channel.

To do this, we delegate the production of editorial content to our team of SEO/UX/UI specialists. Experts in digital communication, our professionals are quickly mobilized to perform tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Depending on the marketplaces activated, our staff performs presence audits on poorly performing marketplaces in order to give you optimization recommendations. It also works to boost the visibility of brands on global e-commerce platforms.

Among the many skills of our team, we create product sheets, natural referencing of products on Amazon, or launch advertising campaigns through Amazon Advertising.

Choose a partner who is an expert in feed management to take care of your referencing from start to finish, stress-free guaranteed!

Un chef de projet dédié à la croissance de votre activité

Votre marketplace espère un décollage express des ventes clients ? Optez pour la solution idéale : un partenariat orienté marketplace !

Nous dédions un chef de projet pour vous accompagner. Marques, clients ou distributeurs, chaque entité est assistée pour atteindre les résultats escomptés rapidement et accroître sa notoriété.

Évoluant dans le milieu des plateformes d’e-commerce, votre interlocuteur décèle immédiatement les leviers de croissance à activer.

Vous gardez toutefois le contrôle, en surveillant la performance des actions engagées via des reportings réguliers. Il en est de même pour l’avancement des réalisations grâce à la mise à disposition d’un tableau de bord avec un accès personnel sécurisé.

Peu importe votre fuseau horaire, nous intervenons de façon optimale pour mener à bien les opérations en temps voulu.

Nous facilitons ainsi le quotidien de tous nos partenaires en les déchargeant d’opérations sensibles, mais cruciales. Vous allez adorer travailler à nos côtés !

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