Use private sales as a growth driver.

Take advantage of eTAIL agency’s support to sell your stocks on private sales platforms. Be visible to all your prospects and increase traffic online and at sales points.

Opinion of our Private Sale expert


Brands are often afraid to hold private sales because they feel that the "promotional" aspect of the operation will damage their image. Holding a private sale requires an aggressive pricing strategy to offer the consumer a "privilege" but it is above all a communication and stock clearance operation. The private sale must be incorporated into a global strategy in order to boost sales and create a compulsory purchase at a given moment.

Vente Privée

Your advantages with the eTAIL agency private sale pack

  • Identification of successful platforms
  • Creation of a simple, fast, and innovative offer
  • Creation of storytelling in line with the chosen platform
  • Creation of tailored support according to each target
  • Creation of personalized branding for more impact
  • Management of sales planning
  • Management of the online pricing strategy
  • Detailed reporting on your sales
  • Account management with a dedicated account manager

Each private sale has its own specific features.

We help you to choose the platforms that correspond the most to your product and your strategy.

Sell your stock on Veepee, the event-based sales platform visited by thousands of people every day. Take advantage of the presence of high-end brands and this new mode of consumption initiated by limited-time sales.

Join Showroom Privé, one of the European leaders in online shopping and the 2000 brands represented. Seduce dynamic and well-connected women and benefit from the opportunity to work alongside Beauté Privée.

Entrust your stock to Dein Deal, the Swiss online shopping platform. Take advantage of the sales calendar with new products all year round. Expand your customer base thanks to the close relationship the platform has with its customers.

Be present on Zalando, the German event-based sales site in Europe. Specialized in fashion and footwear, the leading platform presents luxury products as well as niche items from confidential labels.

Leverage the reputation of Touch of Modern, the California-based private sales platform for men and high-tech accessories. Convert new prospects by presenting your products amongst the 250 items offered daily to its members.

Trust our experts on Amazon to control each step of the buying process specific to Amazon’s algorithm. With a conversion rate boosted by the “sold and shipped by Amazon” label, participate in direct sales until your stock runs out.

Trust our experts

to guide you in creating and managing your online shop on private sales platforms.

Take advantage of the power of

event-based sales to attract customers in France as well as abroad.

Add value to your merchandise

by joining the prestigious circle of high-potential brands and gain visibility by following the marketing advice of our specialists.

More traffic on the web

thanks to our “couponing” or media operations on private sales platforms.

Trust us with the choice of promotional campaigns

associated with these sales, clear large volumes in a short period of time, and follow our advice to choose the marketplaces that are best suited for your business.

Benefit from the communication campaigns

of other prestigious brands to attract the attention of new customers.

The benefits of your private sale

will be felt in your stores, with an increase in customer traffic.

Attract new potential customers

by exposing your products to internationally renowned brands.

Build customer loyalty

by meeting them regularly during special sales events and inviting them to continue shopping in your shop.

Case examples


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John G., sales manager in a telephone company

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Everything you need to know about private sales

We clarify all the key points about private sales.

The private sale must be an “event“. At eTAIL agency, we advise our partners to make the private sale an event on its own and to use this opportunity for communication and acquisition purposes. We help brands manage stocks in the case of overstock or a change in product range or collection.

Following the same logic as “multi-marketplace” distribution, we advise against having a private sale on all platforms, as this could damage your brand image and no longer generate interest on the private sale platforms. You need to adopt a strategy according to the type of product, the brand image and identify certain platforms in order to make successful sales.

There are many platforms specialized in private sales in Europe, the United States, and China. To run an international private sale, you need to have a suitable offer that can be “exported” to other countries and comply with the regulations of each country (notice in the local language, conditions of use, compliance with standards). Then, it is essential to identify the platform that agrees to carry out this operation with your products.

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amount (€) made by private sales - all sectors combined in 2017

Develop a domestic business by internationalizing it

Complete your private sales in France with a presence on international platforms. Our experts present in Europe and China will provide you with information on the specific rules to apply depending on the geographic market you wish to integrate.

Why make a private sale in France ?

Renew your customer base by organizing private sales on generalist and dynamic online platforms. Take advantage of their notoriety and the thousands of members they have retained. Our experts will guide you through your installation in these flourishing businesses and help you manage your e-shop to regularly sell your stock. Find out more

The advantages of an international private sale

You are a world famous brand and you want to make a sale in the United States with Touch of Modern or export your products to China. Do you plan to sell your products in Europe on platforms like Zalando? Our experts specialized in market sectors and geographic areas will guide you to make the best decisions.


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Will you join the private sales circle?

Our eTAIL agency experts will guide you in choosing the most suitable platform for your business to start a private sale and get your presence on online platforms off the ground.