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Marilou Bio: a tripled total revenue!

Sales are taking off and customers are committing themselves… This is the remarkable performance achieved by the French brand Marilou Bio thanks to the strategies developed by our team! Learn more…

A presence on several distribution channels

Marilou Bio has a saying since 2010: offer organic cosmetics made in France at an affordable price and with efficiency. Above all, the brand wants to be accessible.

It has therefore multiplied the distribution channels. The Marilou Bio range is available through its French distributors, drugstores, and organic stores. Then, the company has an online store on its own website. Finally, the products are marketed through the Amazon marketplace.

Despite the diversification of its sales channels, the company asked us to solve two problems: on the one hand, to increase sales on Amazon France, and on the other hand, to boost the turnover in the physical stores.

An action plan respectful of the brand’s values

To give ourselves the chance to increase sales, we put customers first! This was the guiding principle that led our teams throughout the mission.

To do this, it is necessary to increase the visibility of the products online. Then, Marilou Bio must rely on its different points of sale to reinforce its credibility among customers. Indeed, in this ultra competitive sector, the brand must stand out to gain market shares.

Therefore, branding contributes greatly to brand awareness. Marilou Bio’s brand image was developed in close collaboration with the brand to match the target market. Based on this data, our dedicated Amazon team designed a strategic program and submitted it to the organic cosmetics company.

Various strategic approaches to building brand credibility

In terms of strategy, there are several aspects to take into account.

First, our experts must review the published content to increase the brand’s visibility online. This involves optimizing products by product line.

Then, we offer to develop and improve the brand image to give a real identity to Marilou Bio. This way, the brand will be easier to find in physical stores and on the web.

To reassure the potential buyer, customer reviews are a powerful asset to use. There are two different tools that allow you to publish reviews: the Amazon Vine testers’ club and the eTAIL agency program dedicated to brands and sellers. The agency has therefore been able to provide several high-potential solutions.

The implementation of the process and its effects on sales

After validation by Marilou Bio’s management team, we were able to begin our in-depth work, namely:

  • product catalog integration and optimization;

  • an after-sales service strategy implementation;

  • marketing content development;

  • customer reviews collection.

The outcome is colorful and the customers’ behavior is very positive! In-store purchases drive online sales and vice versa. Product descriptions guide consumers off-line and in-store purchases encourage re-stocking on the web. Moreover, customer reviews bring real credibility to the brand. The results? Our experts have succeeded in boosting Marilou Bio’s turnover and gaining a significant customers commitment.

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