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Logicom: +30% traffic and 12% ad performance!

Our mission for the technology seller Logicom, was to boost sales on Amazon. We more than achieved this goal by relying on content optimization and advertising!

A company already established on Amazon

Since 1993, the French family business Logicom has been distributing its innovative technology products through a network of French partners. During the last few years, it also opened up to the e-commerce business on Amazon. The company has positioned itself on products categories such as smartphones, mobiles, connected devices, and has also developed 2 brands: focused on audio and video, and WISPEED dedicated to urban mobility.

His desire: to give his sales on the platform a new boost. The brand was looking for an Amazon specialist who would help it implement the right strategy. Therefore, Logicom chose the expertise of our agency.

Our agency analyzed the brand’s Amazon account

Our agency analyzed the brand’s Amazon account From the very beginning of the mission, our team analyzed the brand’s product visibility, as well as its activity on search engines and Amazon. To get the best chance of being well referenced, sellers should refer to the marketplace’s recommendations regarding page setup. Hence, we focused on checking the key elements for ranking. The brand’s product pages were examined in terms of keywords, visual content, and layout.

To benefit from better visibility, Logicom must absolutely work on its positioning in terms of search tools. Some actions were identified to improve the visibility of the technology distributor on the web.

A series of high potential proposals

Concrete proposals were suggested to our client. By optimizing the branding elements, we can expect an estimated 20% increase in sales. To achieve this, we suggest a better visual experience for Logicom by installing a brand image that was missing until now. This approach also allows us to promote the entire product line. Moreover, the focus is on post-purchase customer engagement. Consumer reviews can reinforce the credibility of the content and reassure the customer about the purchase.

A complementary approach completes our areas of improvement: the use of advertising through sponsored content. To do this, ads such as Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products seem to be perfectly appropriate in Logicom’s case.

Impactful actions for compelling results

After Logicom’s validation, our teams developed 3 strong ideas:

  • Product catalog integration and optimization;
  • Content optimization work;
  • Launching targeted advertising campaigns through the Amazon Marketing Service (AMS) platform.

These ideas proved to be extremely effective. Within weeks, the vendor’s sales took off on Amazon! The performance of the ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sale) campaign was excellent. As for the traffic, it has drawn an extremely promising growth curve! A winning bet for Logicom… and for our experts!

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