Bemini: +25% conversion rate!

This Belgian brand, already present on Amazon, gained 25% in conversion rate after our intervention. The Buy Box purchase button also got great results: its performance went from 56% to 86%! Here’s how we helped.

A trigger: the brand change

The 2 co-creators of the Bemini brand were faced with a major problem in selling their baby and parenting products. The Bemini products, managed internally by the company since their creation, are distributed through 800 points of sale. Already present on Amazon, the products underwent a rebranding, resulting in a necessary redesign of the catalog, marketing, and EAN codes of the products. The managers wished to seize this opportunity to develop the distribution of their product line in Europe through the sales platform. Moreover, having obtained the Buy Box, they needed to keep this advantage. It was time for them to move to another dimension. This is why they naturally turned to our specialized Amazon agency…

A thorough analysis by our experts

Our team started by analyzing the existing Amazon account to define the areas of improvement. Based on the products already online, each reference was reviewed to identify its weak points. More specifically, several editorial elements were analyzed, such as the quality or the state of the content according to the keywords that needed to be promoted.

As for the product categories, their relevance was reviewed to improve the user experience. Our agency reviewed all the SEO fundamentals, which are essential for visibility on the Amazon online platform.

Work areas to boost visibility

From this inventory, we were able to define the areas of work and the strategy to be activated. It became essential to boost traffic and give better visibility to the Bemini brand due to a large number of competitors in the same business activity category. Indeed, with many comparable products already on the market, Benimi had to really stand out in its market.

Moreover, to position itself at a European level, Benimi needed to improve its positioning to increase traffic, as well as the conversion rate, with an expected direct impact on the number of orders for the brand. Capturing new market share requires careful catalog and product referencing. Our client also needed to use effective marketing tools to deliver a strong message to parents, while reassuring them of the quality of the products.

Effective actions for concrete results

Our agency worked in this direction to recommend actions to be implemented. The team, therefore, focused on:

  • a redesign of the Amazon catalog including the addition and optimization of references;

  • the review of product pages by optimizing the referencing;

  • the development of promotional offers;

  • Designing a range of marketing tools.

The results have proven the effectiveness of the strategy that eTAIL agency has put in place. With a significant jump in sales through the Buy Box and a strong increase in conversion rates, the company was able to strengthen its presence on a European scale. By taking advantage of a major event in Bemini’s life, the team was able to give the company a prominent place on the Amazon platform.

Les 3 zones de résultats d’eTail agency pour Bemini

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