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Maison Berger Paris: 112% more traffic on Amazon!

The famous house of home perfume gained +112% more traffic on its products on Amazon after receiving support from eTAIL agency. Our experts optimized all of their content and implemented a tailored sales strategy. The result: a 33% increase in the average shopping cart. We explain how we met this challenge.

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Defining brand objectives on Amazon

Together with the Maison Berger Paris team, we started by auditing the account to target the precise objectives that were to be reached. The audit is defined according to your market, your competitors, the number of distributors present as well as the place your brand occupies in the marketplace. We defined three objectives that Maison Berger Paris was looking for in order to increase its sales on Amazon:


  1. Controlling the content and image of its brands
  2. Control its distribution strategy
  3. Increase market share with its distributors

Setting up a personalized strategy on Amazon

In order to meet the specific objectives of the brand, we defined a number of priorities to work on in order to solve the challenges of Maison Berger Paris on Amazon:


Controlling the brand on Amazon : in order to control all of the brand’s content in a very competitive context with many distributors, the brand had to reclaim ownership of its brand. To control all of its content, to re-establish the quality of product descriptions and brand visibility, but also to be able to report fraudulent practices of brand infringement that damage the brand’s image and performance.


Content optimization: create efficient content to improve product ranking, create a coherent universe on different product lines and on the brand. To do this, we redesigned the entire catalog of Amazon, including optimizing the content of product sheets and creating high-value marketing elements: A+ pages, Brand Store.


Managing the operational issues: : unlocking the Maison Berger Paris account with support from the agency’s teams. Once this critical point was settled, we followed up and set up a 3-way strategy for flow management with an expert in the field. Finally, the implementation of an FBM stock forecasting followed by a coaching of the internal teams on the subjects of financial and accounting flows completed the reinforcement of the developed strategy.

Effective actions for concrete results

The experts of our agency were able to suggest appropriate and relevant actions for Maison Berger Paris, with the following results:

  • an unlocked account ;

  • optimized content, a better brand control for a better referencing: TOP 15 of the search results ;

  • a higher average shopping basket: + 33% ;

  • buy box control up to 60% ;

  • more than 112% additional traffic ;

  • An improvement in the conversion rate of product sheets by 6% vs. 4%.

The results obtained proved the effectiveness of the strategy implemented by eTAIL agency. With a significant jump in the control of the Buy Box and strong growth in the conversion rate. Maison Berger Paris was able to strengthen its presence on Amazon France in order to prepare to spread its strategy to other territories.

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