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How do I sell in China on E-commerce platforms?

Blog > How do I sell in China on E-commerce platforms?

How do I sell in China on E-commerce platforms?

Our company is already established in Europe and in the United States, and we would now like to open up to the Chinese market, but we do not have the local network or the market knowledge to launch on this huge market. We would like to start with a test launch to learn about the distribution and see how our products are received by local customers. What solution would you consider in order to help us develop our activity on the Chinese market?
Pierre H., CEO of a shoe company (premium/made in France)

Answer from our China Sales Expert

Before launching your business in China, we advise you to carry out an audit of your brand’s presence in China, both on Chinese marketplaces and on social networks, in order to analyze your brand’s reputation and potential. As a reminder, without a structure in China, you should favor a “Cross Border” E-commerce solution with your products stored in a Chinese bonded warehouse to optimize the delivery time. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the Chinese online market, our teams in Shanghai study the potential of each brand before their launch in China. We guide companies to define the best strategy, product selection, and the most appropriate marketplace to maximize your online store’s success.

Stéphane Charrier, Head of International E-commerce​

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