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How can I make my sales take off in China?

Blog > How can I make my sales take off in China?

How can I make my sales take off in China?

Bianca’s beauty brand is already present on the Chinese market but its sales are not up to its expectations. However, it is doing well on marketplaces in other countries…

Bianca R. is not able to make its brand break through on the Chinese market

Let’s take the example of Bianca R., marketplaces manager for a beauty brand:

  • Her beauty company is already present on the Chinese market, especially on Tmall and on Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book)
  • It’s been almost 1 year since she started her distribution in China but the sales are not up to her expectations, and do not allow her to consider staying there because it is not a profitable model today
  • However, Bianca distributes very well through other countries’ marketplaces and its strategy works perfectly in those cases.

What are the concrete and quick solutions to stimulate Bianca’s sales on Chinese marketplaces?

The Chinese market is very competitive and it is necessary to adapt your strategy to ensure an excellent return on investment. Our eTAIL agency teams can help you by analyzing the results of your online store such as the conversion rate, your communication strategy via Alimama, by defining the keywords and the design of your store to better understand the reason why sales aren’t taking off and to suggest appropriate solutions. In addition, your activity on social networks such as “Little Red Book” or “Weibo” should help you generate traffic to your Tmall store, develop your brand awareness while creating a community that will allow you to improve your conversion rate, and interact with your customers.

Stéphane Charrier, Head of International E-commerce​

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